A very warm Eid Mubarak to all.


Eid-ul-Adha (Festival or Feast of Sacrifice) is a commemoration of wilful surrender of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail (upon them be peace) to God. Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his young son Ismail and the latter’s willingness to give his own life for the pleasure of God gave rise to the ritual slaughtering of animals during Islam’s fifth pillar of Hajj. The main purpose is to follow Prophet Ibrahim as a role model and make the world better for all.


Muslims are asked to re-live the spirit of this sacrifice and willingly surrender to God in their daily lives. Eid-ul-Adha is thus a powerful reminder every year for Muslims to forego their ego and bring their necks under the command of Allah to rise above their selfish desires and whims.


Prophet Ibrahim was a visionary man with extraordinary character. His thoughts, actions, decisions, sacrifices and values were based on sincerity of purpose and purity of niyyah (intention) to please God and serve humanity. He was put through a number of serious tests by God Himself and by succeeding in all of them  he proved his worth to be declared as the leader of humanity.


Those who possess purity of intention and live a life for the benefit of others, like Prophet Ibrahim, with vision and indomitable character are the fortunate ones in this world. They can unearth their internal hidden power and create a synergy with God’s natural justice to change the world for good.


In our contemporary world when we are under the hammer of political despotism or opportunism, secular extremism, religious fanaticism and multiple social ills the life of Prophet Ibrahim is a guiding star that can teach us to become the paragon of virtue. We need optimism in the midst of nihilism and hope in the midst of despair. Eid-ul-Adha reminds us to follow Prophet Abraham’s life which is indeed a matchless lesson for us all.