An exciting and inspirational Parenting programme in Stockholm, Sweden, on 28-29 April 2012. 

A two-day interactive workshop, themed ‘Family is the bedrock of human society’, was organised at Kista Folkhögskola on 28-29 April 2012 under the auspices of Youth Muslim Initiative (YMI), a youth organization based in Stockholm University. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari, an author and parenting consultant from London, the UK, facilitated the workshop.  Fifteen families (35 participants) attended the sessions. They were mostly young couples from various professions.

The programme was highly interactive, with activities, anecdotes and role-plays. The topics covered were concept of positive and lifelong parenting, tools for building confident relationship with children, skills of assertive discipline and building confidence for creating a tension-free environment. Issues related to building wholesome family environment, developing positive community ethos and improving social engagement in Europe from an Islamic perspective were also covered.

The workshop got overwhelming admiration and positive feedback from all.

Saiful Islam,