An interactive parenting skills programme

Building Families

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari developed a 15-hour parenting course programme over a decade ago and, with the help of his colleagues, he continuously updates its content. The course was accredited by ASDAN in 2013. The contents of the programme can be tailor-made to the group needs, with extra time for one-to-one discussion for the participants who need confidential discussion. It is interactive with role plays, exercises and home-works. The 2 full-day course has been delivered in many parts of Britain and some world cities. A summarised course can be delivered in 1 day. The full programme can be delivered in the following ways

a)    Six weekly sessions (2.5 hours per session)

b)    2 full days

The course components

  • Balanced growth and development
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Positive discipline
  • Family and community perspective
  • Faith, culture and spirituality

The course objectives

  • Illustrate to parents the concept of positive, proactive, effective, innovative and life-long parenting.
  • Empower parents with confidence in building one-to-one relationships with each child.
  • Empower parents with confidence to work with their teenage children.
  • Assist parents in understanding and applying methods of assertive discipline with a view to creating respectful behaviour in children.
  • Help parents in creating a tension-free and violence-free family life through providing them with strategies, skills, techniques and relevant information.

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Short profile of other contributors

Sayeda Akhtar

Sayeda Akhtar BSc (Economics) is a fully qualified nursery assistant and a registered childminder who has worked in the field for many years. She has been an Arabic and mother tongue language teacher to young children in a South London Supplementary school for many years in the early 1990’s when she was raising her own children. Having successfully raised four bright and mature children she is an expert in family matters and dealing with children in a demanding culture and pluralist society.

Rima Zahra

Rima Zahra MRPharmS is a qualified Pharmacist graduated from King’s College London. She has been involved in various community activities as well as being the Charity Officer for her Islamic society in University. As part of the Youth Committee for the Muslim Council of Britain she volunteered her services for mhany high profile events and was a part of young people taking part in the work of Britain’s largest Muslim umbrella group. Rima has also been a member for the Muslim Youth Helpline, a free and confidential emotional support service available nationally. She has gained the necessary training and skills required to help support young people suffering from various peer pressures and social issues within the community. She previously was a teacher for the Sunday Islamic School in Tooting and has recently become a member of the New York City Muslim Centre based in Queens, New York.

Sami Raiyan

Sami Raiyan BSc is an Economics graduate from Queen Mary, University of London. He is currently working as Associate in the Global FX business in HSBC, Canary Wharf and was previously at Barclays Capital for 5 years. He is currently a member of the mentoring scheme for young apprentices at HSBC whereby he supports and advises young school leavers. He also works with the MCB’s Institutional Capacity Building Initiative (ICBI) which delivers training programs to local, regional and national Muslim organisations and stakeholders throughout the UK.


“I would definitely recommend this course to parents as this has been extremely beneficial to me personally. It has taught me how to managed my behaviour with my children. On a day to day basis I have been reflecting on what I learned – how to control my anger and talk things through with my children and how explaining things helps” from Nargis Azad (15/12/15)

“Plenty of content, great presentation, very useful and enjoyable…I would highly recommend the course to any parent” from Momraj Ahmed (15/12)

“It has enhanced my knowledge for parentings and gave me a good understanding for ways I can do better” from Anonymous (13/01/16)

“The course was very in depth and more informative than I expected. I was able to learn many new ways of entrusting my child and communicating better with her. It has broadened my mind and has been very useful in my family life” from Rumena Rahman (13/01)

“Very useful…This course will make others aware of different ways to react and deal with children” from Nasima Begum (13/01)