In every culture and society, since the dawn of human life on earth, children are seen as the future. Parents, adults and the people around them are there to protect them, love them and prepare them for the future. As children are born with dependence and by nature they are impressionable in their formative period, adults around them have an absolute obligation to look after their overall welfare – their body, mind and soul – with a high-quality balance so that they grow as trust-worthy human beings. This is of paramount importance for the continuity of our civilised life on earth.

A couple of news items that have hit the headlines recently need balanced robust discussions with a view to continuously improving the safeguarding of our children, but at the same time helping them to grow with their precious age-appropriate childhood innocence.

Our job as adults is to make sure a child today ends up as a healthy, happy and social individual who will add to the moral and material prosperity of our nation. Failure to do this can lead to a future with many among our progeny that may be menace to all.

With this spirit in mind we should all be worried with the latest report that says “too many children in England are still slipping though the net and remain at risk of sexual abuse.” With the increased commercialisation and sexualisation of society child pornography has reached a peak; this has increased child sexual exploitation across the world. We must invest in our future generation – as families, communities and a society.

The other news about rising self-harm among children in Scotland is no less worrying. If the number of children admitted to hospital for self-harm doubles over a five-year period in some places this should indeed be taken very seriously by the social political establishment. As an educationalist and community activist I have a personal worry about this phenomenon in minority communities in inner city areas. All adults have a civic responsibility to ensure that this does not become an epidemic in society.

 From the AmanaParenting team.