Amana parenting takes blog submissions from authors, academics and organisations on matters related to:

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If you wish to submit a blog/article to us, please make sure it follows the guideline as outlined below:

  • Length: 100 to 300 word posts are best
  • A conversational, informal style is ideal
  • Use hyperlinks whenever relevant
  • News-driven, topical posts perform best on the site
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  • The blog should be accurate, informative and objective
  • Amana Parenting editorial team reserves the right to edit, publish or not publish your blog.
  • Factual inaccuracies need to be corrected or retracted within 24 hours of being alerted to the error.

Please send your blog to Amana Parenting editors: info[at] (please replace [at] with ‘@’ when sending an email.)

We greatly appreciate the contributions of our bloggers and authors.

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